We all need a new ear to listen to each other, share and exchange. A typical exercise of the beginning of creation: the business plan. Writing or improving the business plan is a complex exercise. It is a document that is both technical and complete. But it is above all a communication document to investors. This is the image of the company, analyzed by professionals surrounding decision makers. They have a big influence on the final decision, which is often a simple yes. Or not… You have to think very quickly about the financing strategy, even before you start. Because without it, we inevitably find ourselves at the foot of the wall. Without money, you can't invest to take the next step to expand the business, recruit, market, make people talk.

So we have to increase our chances of success. A startup needs funds to grow and really embark on the adventure. Not to get stuck short of working capital or cash. It's a shame when the idea works and you already achieve a first turnover. That the proof of concept is well established … 

Yet the money is there. There's a lot of them. But you have to know (well) to ask. And above all to give investors confidence that you are the rare gem. The one whose value will be multiplied by factors to X figures. 

Investors turn to those who will be able to prove both a significant return on investment and a controlled risk. Controlling risk is diversification. 

A beautiful project is also a passion for success and a desire to influence the course of things. If you find yourself in these terms, it's because LFA is for you. In this case, see you soon!