Advisory Board

Catherine Diemer

Business development and partnerships for SMEs and startups Software Web Mobile (C) Blockchain (c) Digital Business model Canvas Networking Innovation, whether technical, process or social, is what I am passionate about.

“I’m an optimist. It doesn’t seem too useful to me to be anything else!” Winston S. Churchill ”

A day without learning is a lost day” Romain Guillaume

#Techforgood is also one of my engines.

The organizations In which I am involved: NGO “Cree-Ton-Avenir”: citizens:

Key skills 😀 business development Oriented results, strong interpersonal and communication skills. Very motivated, always pragmatic and committed!

Philippe Daniloff

Director of the Capital Management Office of the European Space Agency’s Directorate of Launchers.

Philippe has chosen to accompany LFA since its inception as a mentor to the founding team of the seed mutual fund. He provides us with his knowledge from more than 40 years of experience in the prestigious European organisation.

Thanks to Philippe’s essential mentoring, LFA’s teams can benefit from his expertise in business management, team management and investor relations.

Didier Carré

Ingénieur Civil des Mines and holding the master ICG in General Management of Organisation, he has evolved in international corporations such as ExxonMobil, Nynas and Lhoist in the global management of strategic and operational issues.

His term as CEO of the French bitumen producers association has completed his experience in institutional relations, standardization and regulation.

As general secretary of the Institut, he is co-author of #Futur du Travail and organises conferences on Information systems applications with an emphasis on Smart city and Smart Mobility.

Creative and pragmatic, he mobilizes the company’s expertise to develop relevant and effective solutions for the infrastructures’ owners and contractors.

Cyril Garnier

Distinguished among the 50 leaders of the merger acquisition in 2016 by Magazine Decision makers, Member of the Digital Board of Ile de France, I am the author of “Not To Market” (Vuibert), columnist in Maddyness, and, I received the Grand Prix Le Monde Informatics in 2006. I created the collaborative book “Generation French Tech, the 1000 that make the economy of tomorrow.”

It’s my turn to get into entrepreneurship now! My challenge is to create an ecosystem of B to B services dedicated to tomorrow’s decision-makers. The first is Startup Leader, a recruitment firm dedicated to high-profile startups, based on affinity matching.

After graduating from the Saint Etienne Ecole Des Mines Engineering in 1996, I did my first career in data (Umanis) and digital (DSI of SNCF CRM Services Benefits and DG Club)/DG from 1997 to 2009. I founded and managed SNCF Development, SNCF’s economic development and entrepreneurship support subsidiary. For 9 years, together with my teams we have built a business ecosystem with a social impact of more than 560 companies that create about 1000 jobs per year and which accompany the transformation of the SNCF Group, both on the territorial, economic, social and Technological. Among these companies, 200 remarkable start-ups are reinventing the economy through digital: Mesagraph (bought by Twitter in 2014), Wattmobile (bought by Indigo in 2016), Onecub (Incubated to Facebook Garage in 2017), Bulldozair (Incubated at the Y Combinator in 2017), RogerVoice, Centimeo, Faciligo are among the nuggets of SNCF Development’s portfolio, “the startup radar of the SNCF group”. (The Echos).

Nicolas Bianciotto

Entrepreneur – Business Angel … I am today, after going through the strategy department of large companies, Consulting in MA.

Passionate about disruptive technological and behavioral innovations (data, collaborative economy, IoT, consumer empowerment, fintech, blockchain, AI, …), I am a specialist in the digital transformation of business models and organizations. I have developed and marketed new models of intermediation, to fluidize markets where supply and demand are struggling to meet. I have accompanied the actors of the digital economy in the development of their projects and the “traditional” actors in their digital transformation. I have invested in ambitious and innovative projects, carried out by curious entrepreneurs, passionate, fierce … visionaries. I have had several successes that have confirmed my passion for entrepreneurship. I also experienced some failures that reminded me of some painful “principles of reality” … but rewarding!

Financial by training, I am analytical, realistic and pragmatic. Entrepreneur of vocation, I am committed, positive and passionate.

Simon Azan

Simon is a lawyer at Bochamp’s. He specializes in Startups and SMEs in order to support them in carrying out their M-A and fundraising operations.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, Simon is appreciated for his listening, efficiency and ability to make complex subjects understand with great simplicity.

Simon has a degree in business law from Paris Dauphine University and completed an LLM in Private Equity, MA and Corporate Finance at Cornell University.

Luis Colasante

I am an expert in strategy, finance and energy media, with the aim of sharing and teaching you the maximum of my knowledge. I am also an expert in branding and personal branding with over 15 years of in-house experience working for major companies in the fields of energy, finance, automotive, technology and entertainment.

Top voice on the European energy market with more than 15 prime time TV appearances. Featured on USA Today, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Oilprice, Tax Times, BFMTV and France 24, RFI, Radio Canada and more.

I am a partner of major energy brands and work in high-level business and engineering schools including the Paris School of Mines, HEC Paris, Rennes Business School and ICD Business School.

Philanthropist, I co-created EDUDYS, startup with the first digital platform to connect the ecosystem (parents, doctors, teachers) of a child with a specific mental disability.

Slimane Hamzaoui

Serial Entrepreneur – Business Developer – Coach & Mentor for young entrepreneurs. Member of the Moovjee association for the support of young entrepreneurs.

Graduate of a DESS in Business Management – specialized in International Trade.

After many years spent in large groups in Export Business Development (Caterpillar – Mercedes), Management of BU Export MEA (Saint-Gobain) and expatriation, I decided to finally let my entrepreneurial side take over.

My academic background, my professional experience in sales of technical products in complex environments and countries, the creation of several companies and start-ups make me an atypical profile.

Founder of several companies in France but also abroad, I am currently managing a company in France specialized in the sale of materials, equipment, spare parts and raw materials.

Passionate about new technologies and IOT, we set up an innovative IOT project and a company that developed a software suite specialized in text analysis and big data. This last start-up was sold at the end of 2019.

Like any entrepreneur I am passionate, always enthusiastic and optimistic by nature. I am always attracted by new challenges and it is with great pleasure that I accepted LFA’s proposal to participate in this ambitious start-up studio project.

Eric Le Méné

A cross-cutting profile, I listen and understand all types of actors to reveal in them what is visible only with hindsight, or to raise between them a new axis of reflection, a synergy, an innovative combination.

As an idea generator and multiplier of people’s potential, my primary characteristic is to invent solutions. An engineering experience methods on the construction of the Ministry of Defense was able to confirm that at a range of problems I can bring solutions of methods, phasing and coordination smoothing the construction processes.

Sometimes I come up with solutions, in anticipation of problems: since the end of my dual training in architecture, the project I carry is THE 3D IMPRESSION of THE CONCRETE. This approach is radically opposed to what is being done and that perfectly integrates the existing and mastered processes of construction. My goal: to make the exceptional, and do it perfectly. Means: an active, up-to-date technological watch covering all scientific and technological technical fields. Digital Native: capture the tick of 3D printing and econo-energenic performance that is being played out today.

Kevin Perez

Kevin is a computational biologist in Silicon Valley. He is our reference mentor for VAS VC contacts as well as in the health field MedTec
h.Kevin is an aging researcher. If you are curious to learn more about aging research, please visit the website: and for more reading:

Jean Torbey

I am coming from three years spent in Tokyo where I accompanied the CEO of the medical group TKB. My role was twofold: first, I had to represent family interests on the board of directors of subsidiaries. Then I worked on external development strategies by buying companies and investing in startups. This is where I wanted to specialize as soon as I returned to France. Hence my role on the LFA project.

Before Japan, I worked at PWC as a consultant. I worked on the European Commission’s space finance strategy for 2020. I have also accompanied the European Space Agency in the restructuring of its assets.

I am French-Lebanese, civil mining engineer with an LL.M. International Affairs Law at Keio University in Tokyo.

Elias El Murr

Corporate entrepreneur, I am an innovation engine at Sanofi, building partnerships with innovative companies in the field of digital health.

I graduated with an MBA from INSEAD with 5 years of experience in strategy consulting in the Middle East and Asia in the fields of technology, transportation, health and energy. I am a mechanical engineer by training, passionate about technology and sport and co-founder of a startup and an environmental NGO.

Kenza El Araki

I am a passionate person with a great affinity for sustainable development. I am known for developing complex projects, from concept to implementation and for introducing innovative technologies to achieve sustainable projects. I strive to maintain the commitment of the various teams by bringing them together around a common idea and helping them to participate.

I like to be constantly confronted with intellectual challenges, and I sincerely believe that hard work, perseverance and pursuit of ideals contribute to a real impact on society.

Christophe Mouawad

After an experience in international trade at Credit Bank in Lebanon, Christophe set up his own business to trade in heavy-duty parts in Lebanon.

Christophe is lebanese, a finance graduate from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon. He is fluent in four languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

Christophe wanted to participate in the LFA project as an entrepreneur, he will accompany the project from the creation of startups to the liquidation of the fund.

Sarah Torbey

Sarah is a lawyer at the Paris Bar specializing in family, individual and estate law.

Sarah completed a master’s degree in general private law at Paris X University and a master’s degree in criminology at Pantheon Assas University. His increased knowledge of family law through his background in civil law will be of great importance to us to open up the points of reflection within the LFA project.

Sarah is currently a student lawyer in the family affairs division of the Paris Court of Appeal.

Martin Briat

Always looking for new challenges, I joined the Vaud entity of Oresys in July 2018 to develop the management and performance management consulting business in Switzerland. My previous assignments have led me to lead major transformation projects in France abroad, such as the design of new French post offices, the conduct of studies on Big Data or Digital Workplace issues, or even support for the transformation of banking networks.

Beyond the missions carried out in various sectors (Real Estate, Banking, Energy, …) , I have always tried to pay special attention to human in the conduct of my projects. I am thus increasingly regularly involved in the management of change, and as such have developed specific Oresys Toolbox know-how®.

Finally, on a more personal level, I regularly organize semi-professional events, such as alumni meetings or corporate events (Conference, Sports Weekends,…).

Nastasia Time

Facilitation coach #Innovation #DesignThinking#LeanStartup

I try to empower people and teams to work in the best way possible for them. Lean Startup and Design Thinking are great tools to achieve this. 😍🚀🦄

I can accompany the teams on different issues of the life of their startup:

  • Creative Workshops
  • Customer Discovery Bootcamps
  • Hackathon
  • Innovation lab / coworking spaces
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Public speaking / Pitch

Samira Elharouch

After spending a long time, in a company and with various private firms, I decided to embark on this new and wonderful adventure, creating my own recruitment firm.
I am passionate about what I do, I love this job deeply. I am fascinated by the Human, I learned a lot from my candidates and clients… Besides, I learn every day and I love it.

Today, I had the opportunity to build a structure where human relations, benevolence, transparency, responsiveness, efficiency and simplicity are at the heart of this business.
I only work with clients who really care about their recruitment, our relationship is based on trust simply. And you know what? It works very well!

To believe in yourself is to believe in one’s dreams and to think that anything is possible is better. It is enough to want it and to be persevering on a daily basis, in joy and difficulty… I made the choice not to have a choice, in order to get there