If we were to draw up a list of criteria that define the LFA contractor, here it is:

1. Versatile

Moving from one project to another, from one skill to another, and being able to work and talk to everyone. Being versatile is a necessity for the entrepreneur. You are not born knowing how to do everything, that’s why you undertake as a team: 25 entrepreneurs and an advisory board of caring mentors at your disposal. You learn to knock on the right door and quickly assimilate the message you receive to implement it.

2. Solid mind

It is about working on 5 startups at the same time in a 3-year race against time to propel their valuations. The sensations are guaranteed, you have to stay the course! The first few months are tough, the worst trials happen when you least expect it. The contractor is on course. And it pays off… See you in three years.

3. Business mind

Enjoy undertaking, creating and innovating. It is not the idea alone that drives the entrepreneur, it is the desire to develop this idea to make it a business. In short, being detached from the idea, attached to entrepreneurship.

4. Humble

To be able to receive the opinions of people who have nothing to do with business. Understand others and work with everyone. Be in search of meaning to develop tomorrow’s innovations and projects.

You can always extend the list, but Superman doesn’t exist. So this gives an overall idea, without being exclusive criteria. You have to want to. Then make up his mind. In any decision, there is a risk and a part of renunciation. When you don’t choose, you don’t risk anything. But we’re not moving. Living one’s life means making choices and… take risks!

LFA brings together a variety of unrivaled profiles. It’s hard to put them in boxes. It is not the trade, the diploma or the experience that makes the difference. It is the will to undertake together and to act for a world of meaning.


Joining LFA is not just a recruitment process. Exploitation vs Living Together. We choose option 2, hence the co-opt recruitment process. We’re the ones who’re going to get you. First of all, we are a human team, it’s about getting to know each other and it takes time. There is no mass recruitment or test selection system. When you join LFA, you are part of a team, you are a member of the network and you remain.

If you want to join us and you don’t know a member yet, there’s nothing wrong with that. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the nearest member for a first meeting.


For the time being, the qualities we are looking for are very typical. Everyone shares an ideal of values: respect, humility, integrity, humanism, common interest. Without it would be impossible to live in a community. However, very few are able to practice them in their profession. There is a growing gap between private, professional and spiritual life.

LFA has been structured and built from scratch to remedy this.