An entrepreneur’s soul

You love entrepreneurship, are detached from the idea but in love with the will to create and undertake. You want to meet a need to improve the common good. You want to participate in future projects that make sense. You are definitely made to join the LFA network.

A desire for profitability

You are first and foremost part of a team of entrepreneurs. You do business and help increase your shared capital. The fund to which you belong is the entire property of its founders of which you are a member. You are part of a team of 25 50-member entrepreneurs. The fund will be set up as soon as the team is fully completed.

Investors who trust you will be looking for profitability. It is primarily a short-term financial investment (3 years). As entrepreneurs, it is essential to keep this course in mind. There is no room for feelings, if a project (or startup) among the 5 does not work, it will be decided collectively to close it. In the second instance, it may be decided to create a replacement project.

Multiple and shared skills

Projects you participate in require the pooling of key skills from the outset. Many entrepreneurs finance their expertise needs through external providers or are waiting for public or free benefits. It is expensive, sometimes with a shareholding in the capital. And if it’s free, time is a factor in the project, the first months of launching a startup being essential in the eyes of early stage investors.

At LFA, all the skills needed to set up a business are grouped as soon as the fund is set up.

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Organization
  • Production
  • Commercial
  • Fundraising
  • Writing business plans
  • Legal and financial administrator

Some of these skills are used only sporadically, at a specific time. This is why LFA brings together several projects in order to pool costs: the formation of companies, accounting, fundraising, advertising, or even the realization of market research.

Increased creativity

You will be part of a team with projects as diverse as complementary. Creativity is multiplied by the pooling of skills and projects whose differences will create value: serendipity cannot be done by seeking, it is the chance of an encounter, a thing seen at such a moment, that reveals the Novelty. Where money is divided by sharing it, knowledge multiplies.

Controlled risk

You take advantage of the exceptional opportunity to work on 5 startups at the same time. So you share your time, skills and return on investment on these 5 projects. Diversifying on different projects and pooling key skills within the project is an opportunity for entrepreneurs. This is only possible thanks to the seed mutual fund structure proposed within the LFA network.