LFA is a seed mutual fund for startup studio. It is the union of 25 entrepreneurs within a common structure to guarantee their interests.

Goal: 3 years to propel 5 startups to the top of their valuations.

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How does the fund work? 

  1. Constitution: the project starts with the union of 25 co-founder partners in order to create 5 startups. This structure is a mutual fund, initially wholly and equally owned by its partners.
  2. Angel round: Entrepreneurs have 6 months to establish a business plan and a viable prototype. These are intended for fundraising with business angels. 
  3. Series A: A series A lift takes place a year later.
  4. Liquidation: the fund specializes in the priming phase; it is liquidated within 3 years by the sale of each startup individually.

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Why join LFA?

  1. Diversification: an essential feature of the mutual fund, it allows founders to reduce their risk by more than 90%. Thanks to the pooling of startups, the skills are shared by all co-founder partners.
  2. Security: all co-founders receive remuneration as soon as the fund is set up.
  3. Teams: hand-picked profiles, present from the start. The priming phase is the most complex, being well surrounded is not an option.
  4. Advisory Council: Angels, investors and mentors available to partners to help them step forward and overcome the most difficult challenges.
  5. Control: the legal and financial administration is outsourced and controlled by an independent company. This helps to strengthen the stakeholders, investors and entrepreneurs, of the good management of their resources.
  6. ROI: the return on investment for startups in seed is (very) advantageous …

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  • Fund name: LFA Fund.
  • Forecast launch date: March 2020.
  • Admission: 10,000 euros / partner.
  • Vesting: linear over 3 years with 1 year cliff.
  • Type of startups: internet with high growth potential.
  • Project selection: sprint 1 week before constitution by vote of the partners after the opinion of the investors of the advisory board.

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